Robi Walters For Last Pick

This past weekend, we held our first residency within the Soho gallery of artist Robi Walters.

Before he defined his style, Walters worked as a graphic designer, creating record covers, logos and club flyers for many of London’s iconic underground labels and artists. Much of this work could be found in Soho record stores - the same area where LP came of age 20 years later.

Informed by the meditation practice he adopted after a traumatic childhood, his art developed as a form of “release” of those emotions. It also explores his Caribbean heritage and complex identity as a mixed race boy adopted into a largely white community.

Using discarded materials from birthday cards to vinyl records, Walters’ signature, abstract style creates the formation of a thousand petalled lotus, and draws upon the philosophy of sacred geometry. As the recent Aston Martin Artist in Residence, Walters utilised recycled premium leather to create works in the shape of their iconic winged logo.

Photographed in and around The Residency while creating a piece inspired by our signature tones, Walters wears the Mohair Sporting Cardigan and Herringbone Cargo Pant.